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Asahi Water Washable Plates
Asahi Water Washable Plates
Developed for the next generation

AWP™, Asahi’s latest development and a unique platemaking technology, is a beneficial alternative to conventional flexographic plates. It is a water washable plate technology that eliminates the need for high temperatures or VOC solvents in the washout process, delivering precise plate-to-plate registration with reduced odour in the plate making process. AWP™ CleanPrint plates save time and money, reduce waste and assist in preserving precious energy resources while delivering stunning quality with brilliant images.



  • Excellent ink transfer for superlative ink coverage.
  • Consistent plate reproduction for precise registration and job-to-job consistency.
  • Reduced make-ready with fast run-up to colour due to dot stability and predictability.
  • 33% less plate production time required compared to solvent-based platemaking.
  • Processes with only five minutes drying time at a low temperature.
  • Excellent plate stability due to the low temperature production process.

Converters looking to move away from gravure and offset are truly surprised by what AWP can achieve.

Matt Francklow 
Owner, Creation Reprographics

Get in contact: info@asahi-photoproducts.com
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