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For the flexographic industry, 2017 was an exciting year, and 2018 promises to be even better. At Asahi, we are focusing on the future development of flexography. Our goal is to significantly improve the efficiency of flexo production and to support flexographic printers. We are doing this in so many ways!


By listening to the printers’ requirements, we can continuously bring new and innovative plate solutions to market. In 2018, look for the launch of several new plates, including new tough digital and analogue photopolymer plates (AFP-TH/DTH) for the most difficult flexo projects, and AFP-APC for flexographic printing on corrugated board. Stay tuned for more news!


With best wishes,


Akihiro KATO

Managing Director,  Asahi Photoproducts

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Pinning technology for clean transfer

Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer a flexographic plate technology specifically engineered by Asahi, features low plate surface energy that transfers all remaining ink to the printed substrate. Compared to conventional plates, this reduces press-cleaning stops, creating a significant profitability improvement. These plates deliver very high resolution with fine screen rulings and minimum dots fading out to zero, allowing a broader total colour gamut to be achieved, providing more design flexibility and enhanced graphic quality.

Plates with Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer deliver:

  • Clean transfer of ink resulting in fewer cleaning intervals and press stop downtimes.
  • Print consistency from start to finish with sharp definition of printing text and graphics.
  • A kiss touch printing pressure setting for greater plate longevity.
  • Cost savings by improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by up to 30%, resulting in an immediate ROI.
infographin pinning technology for clean transfer
Fixed colour palette printing

Pinning Technology for Clean Transfer is ideally suited for Fixed Colour Palette printing using a fixed set of 4 to 7 inks and requiring precise plate-to-plate registration. Experts estimate that fixed colour palette printing using seven colours can match as many as 90% or more of the 1,838 named Pantone spot colours.

Fixed Colour Palette Printing benefits include:

  • Virtual elimination of the need for press wash-ups with reduced job changeover times due to the use of a fixed set of inks.
  • Reduced waste, including less substrate waste during job changeovers, with less material ending up in landfills.
  • Improvement in colour consistency, within each job and from job to job with increased predictability as compared to the use of spot colour inks.
  • Cost reduction across the supply chain with fewer SKUs for brand owners and significantly reduced ink inventories for converters.

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Asahi Photoproducts manufactures both flexographic plates and the required processing equipment. If you do know what you are looking for please select from the below product categories. Otherwise please follow the easy-to-use PLATE SELECTION GUIDE.

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Asahi Photoproducts is a leading pioneer in the development of flexographic photopolymer plate systems with more than 40 years’ experience. We leverage unique Asahi-developed materials to engineer plates that improve Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), driving print forward in balance with the environment.

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