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Top quality flexographic photopolymer plates for quality results

Asahi Photoproducts is a leading pioneer in the development of flexographic photopolymer plates, noted for its water-washable CleanPrint technology, bringing flexography in harmony with the environment. CleanPrint improves process efficiency and cost, and offers a sustainable environmental business solution in flexo platemaking without VOC-based washout solvents. Asahi’s broad range of flexographic plate solutions offer winning solutions for all types of substrates and label/packaging applications.

Our Technologies

CleanPrint is a flexographic plate technology specifically engineered by Asahi. It features low plate surface energy that transfers all remaining ink to the printed substrate, reducing press cleaning stops and creating a significant efficiency in productivity and profitability. These plates deliver very high resolution with fine screen rulings and minimum dots fading out to zero, enabling a broader color gamut and seamless implementation of fixed colour palette printing. CleanPrint plates are a key element of the world-first automated platemaking solution with never-before-seen levels of automation, delivering plates from digital imaging to press-ready plates.

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Our CleanPrint plates result in a higher printing press efficiency (OEE).


CrystalCleanConnect, the first truly revolutionary development in flexography in years, reducing production steps from 12 to 1.

CleanPrint fixed colour palette

Fixed Colour Palette

Enable higher printing press up-time and vibrant colours when printing with expanded gamut

Our Products

Asahi Photoproducts manufactures both flexographic plates and the required processing equipment. If you do know what you are looking for please select from the below product categories. Otherwise please follow the easy-to-use Plate Selection Guide.

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Liquid Photopolymer Plates

Equipment AWP™, AFP™ & APR™

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Unique Selling Points


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Asahi Kasei Bringing Innovative Flexo Plate and Processing Solutions in Harmony with the Environment to FTA INFOFLEX

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ACM Italy Recognized with Prestigious ATIF Awards for Best UV Flexo Printing and Flexographic Process Innovation

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Improvement in Daily Environmental Footprint for Flexo Platemaking Available to Anyone.

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Zincografia Empolese and Ario Label Solution, a winning partnership for UV Flexo Printing


Asahi Kasei Headed to Labelexpo Southeast Asia with Compelling Sustainability Message

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Asahi Photoproducts Achieves Carbon Neutral Certification for AWP™-DEW CleanPrint Flexo Plates


Stepping Up to the Sustainability Challenge with Water-Based Flexographic Printing on Flexible Film

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Asahi Photoproducts to Showcase Innovation, Improved Sustainability, Progress toward Carbon Neutrality for Flexographic Platemaking at LabelExpo Americas 2022

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German Packaging Converter Arwed Löseke Brings Plate Production In-house as a More Sustainable Business Solution

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Nabe Process Corporation Validates CrystalCleanConnect Benefits

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Japanese Company Seikodo Adds CrystalCleanConnect to Boost Productivity, Sustainability

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BWJ Graphics Delivers Cleaner Plates and Better Print Quality with Asahi Photoproducts AWP™ Water Washable Plates