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For the last century, it has been the mission of Asahi Kasei, the parent company of Asahi Photoproducts, to contribute to life and living for people around the world. This mission goes through the company at every level.

In this booklet, we focus on how Asahi Photoproducts continues its emphasis on this mission by bringing increased automation excellence, press efficiency and sustainability to the flexographic printing industry. In recent years, all three of these important goals have merged into one holistic effort: delivering the most sustainable flexographic printing plates in the industry along with the automation and flexo press efficiency required to help move the industry to a more sustainable future.

There are two major achievements that are important in moving this mission forward in a holistic manner for Asahi Photoproducts and its customers:

  • Achievement of PAS 2060 Carbon Neutral certification in partnership with the Carbon Trust. This certification is the starting point for Asahi to implement a Carbon Management Plan in order to drive product development in harmony with the environment.
  • Launch and initial installations of CrystalCleanConnect in partnership with ESKO and Kongsberg. This first-in-the industry achievement combines a range of leading edge technologies that enables production of press-ready flexographic plates, reducing touches from 12 steps to one.

Both of these achievements are explained in detail in this booklet. In addition, we discuss how our CleanPrint technology helps us address automation excellence, press efficiency and sustainability across the life cycle of our AWP CleanPrint water washable flexographic plates, a key platform for future development of sustainable, high-productivity and profitable flexographic solutions for our customers.

We hope you find this booklet a valuable and educational tool as you explore how the future
of your business can benefit from the resources we have invested in the advancement of the flexographic industry.



A green background (jungle) with three mock-ups of products that can be made by Asahi AWP-DEW plates.

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