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Best Quality. CO2 Measured.
Best Quality. CO2 Measured.
Water-washable premium plate with CleanPrint

Water-Washable Plates

This water-washable plate is ideal for highest quality flexo applications, including flexible packaging and labels. It features CleanPrint technology for sustain-able reduction of the printer’s carbon footprint. The plate was developed to move away from VOC sol­vent plate processing by offering a “cleaner” alterna­tive to the flexo industry.


Converters looking to move away from gravure and offset are truly surprised by what AWP can achieve.

Matt Francklow 
Owner, Creation Reprographics

Flat. Not boring.
Flat. Not boring.
Water-washable FlatTop plate

AWP™-CleanFlat is a water-washable FlatTop plate solution with high-quality printing press consistency. It improves the ink laydown on wide web flexible packaging and beverage carton printing. A the same time it delivers a sustainable reduction of the printer’s carbon footprint. It´s flat, but certainly not boring!

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