Getting to Solvent ZERO:

The majority of platemakers today still use solvent wash platemaking technologies, which often can generate unwanted odor in the ambient working environment. In this day and age, many people believe that the manufacturer should be environmentally sustainable and create balanced solutions for a better working environment. At Asahi Photoproducts, we have been working for more than a half century to bring more sustainable products and platemaking to the industry. At the same time, these solutions also improve productivity and profitability.

Customers who have transitioned away from solvent-wash platemaking to Asahi’s AWPTM water-wash CleanPrint technology immediately found that this change contributed to a cleaner environment and a comfortable workplace for employees. They were also able to produce plates faster, and found that their presses were more efficient with fewer press stops for plate cleaning.

Asahi Photoproducts has made it its mission

 to accompany its customers on their journey to 

Solvent ZERO and to meet each customer where they are. 


Step by step.

Roadmap towards
the future

Getting to Solvent ZERO can also be accomplished over time, with each step adding additional benefits to the plate production process. STEP one is today´s starting point industry standard, STEP 2 and 3 describe the roadmap towards our Solvent ZERO future.

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