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Asahi Photoproducts 生产柔性印版及所需的工艺设备。如果您不知道需要什么,请从以下产品类别中选择。 或者,请按照简单易用的《印版选择指南》操作。

Asahi 旭化成水洗版

Asahi 旭化成溶剂版

Asahi 感光性树脂

AWP™, AFP™ & APR™ 设备


请回答下列问题,以便我们为您提供产品方案。 若无法确定选择什么产品,请咨询 Asahi 专家

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What printing application is your focus?

Question 2

What ink type is your focus?

Question 3

What quality level are you trying to achieve?

Question 4

Do you want to improve press efficiency (OEE) by up to 40% with "CleanPrint" plates?

Question 5

Is a sustainable plate production without VOC washout solvents important to you?

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